When Is Tutoring The Best Option?

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It is a common misconception to immediately equate children who receive tutoring as those with particularly substandard learning disabilities. Tutoring is a fantastic resource that parents should capitalise on as and when they can. Children who receive tutoring not only have academic advantages over their peers, but with the right tutor can experience surges in confidence across social areas as well. 

As a parent, it can be incredibly trying to simultaneously act as a tutor and/or teacher. Regardless of your personal qualifications, teaching your own child is not an easy task. Children tend to resist the advice of their own parents and struggle to focus during homework time, even leading to conflict. Tutoring services prevent this. A tutor creates a barrier of professionalism that helps kids focus on their work whilst giving their tutor their full attention. Sometimes having lessons in a tutoring centre can increase the retention of the child, moving away from the relaxing environment that they associate their home with. 

Further, tutoring of course has significant academic benefits. The busy classroom environment can be overwhelming for children and often prevents them from asking for help when they need it. A tutor works one-on-one with a child to make sure any and all gaps in their learning are filled. If your child is particularly struggling in any subject area, you should consider tutoring to catch them up to the speed of their cohort. Tutoring is likewise particularly important for gifted children, tailoring their lessons so that the student is challenged and pushed beyond their grade’s curriculum.

Finally, the flexibility of tutoring allows for online tutorials.

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