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Step 1: We identify your learning gaps

Our specialised diagnostic technology has been designed to identify every gap that exists in a student’s mathematical foundation. How do we do this? Our students sit a diagnostic assessment test mapped to the curriculum to identify any learning gaps. Once the learning gaps are identified, our math program will help the student catch up, keep up and get ahead!

Step 2:  We generate a personalised maths learning program tailored to your needs 

Based on each student’s results, a personalized maths learning program is tailor made by our world class maths tutors to suit the needs of the student. Each maths program is based on a ready-to-learn model, not age-based, so you can progress through topics as you master them and not be held up!

Step 3: We provide thousands and thousands of questions and explanations

Our mathu program removes the age-shackle. No more thrown together extension work to satisfy a student and no skill gap formation caused by “gaps ” or “holes” in a child’s education. Students progress at their own pace based on mastery with access to thousands of unlimited questions. This program is perfect for gifted and talented students too!

Step 4: We track and measure your progress

It’s simple; our mission is to improve maths skills for everyone! Students receive detailed data on their understanding and detailed reports on their progress. This way, students can celebrate their success and grow in confidence and our TutorTime maths tutors can focus attention on areas that require improvement.


It was just the online learning platform we needed when we had to do home schooling – it fills in my son’s learning gaps and he really relates to the style of teaching that it offers.. As a parent I am pleased that the learning encourages working out problems with pen and paper too!

Jordan (parent)

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TutorTime partners with education and community organisations to improve student learning.

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