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Provide some information on your experience and expertise. Add your bank details and you’ll be paid on the same day you tutor.

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Select your students and find the best fit for your location and schedule and grow your business. Our student base is growing fast and there are new job opportunities everyday.

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Why teach with TutorTime


Teach subjects you are passionate about, when you want, where you want. We’ll take care of the rest.


Free to join. Sync and schedule lessons with your personal calendar. Track your bookings and your payment history. Applications approved within 48 hours.


Grow and manage your own tutoring business. We do all the paperwork, you do the teaching and get paid on the same day!

Teach your passions

At TutorTime, you can teach at all levels between K-12, university and adult education. Download the TutorTime App to see the complete list of subjects offered.

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What our tutors say about TutorTime

Isabella J


“I have a love of learning and all things French! I have recently completed a semester studying French at University Paris-Sud University. I am also a keen debator and enjoy discussing current global topics.”

Mily F


“I really enjoy teaching and sharing my passion of learning with my students.I inspire my students by creating stimulating tutorials with practical elements. I am a keen skier and a passionate baker!”

Patrick J

Central Coast

“Teaching and mentoring students is so satisfying to see them improve their skills but also incredibly rewarding. My passion is to teach music – I am a keen musician and composer. My goal is to compose music and lyrics for artists.”

More than a platform for tutors

As a TutorTime tutor, you become a valued member of our community, we host events across Australia so you can connect with other tutors.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much will I earn with TutorTime?

Tutoring rates start at $66/hr depending on the tutor’s experience and subject area, download the app and create a profile for free here.

Where will I tutor?

You can deliver your tutorial online or in person, many tutors deliver lessons at the student’s residence or in a public library.

What do I wear to a tutorial?

Please dress in smart casual attire. We request that you do not wear thongs, ripped jeans, midriffs or beach wear.

Is the tutoring only for HSC students?

At TutorTime, you can teach at all levels between K-12, university and adult education. Our tutors come from different backgrounds, they can be university students, NESA accredited teachers, musicians, language teachers, sports coaches, surfers, people teaching their passions, artists, university professors. Download the app to find out more.

What’s a working with children number and how do I get one?

The Working With Children Check (WWCC) is a requirement for anyone who works or volunteers in child-related work in NSW. It involves a National Police Check (criminal history record check) and a review of reportable workplace misconduct. The check will be valid for 5 years, however, applicants are continuously monitored.

You can apply online for your WWCC, each state maintains its own WWCC process, see below for state-based information.


What is an ABN, do I need one?

An Australian Business Number (ABN) is a unique 11 digit number that identifies your business to the government and community. You’ll need a valid ABN to become a TutorTime tutor, but it is simple to get-click on the link here-it will only take a few minutes to register!

Do I need any qualifications?

You have to be enrolled at university or hold a qualification. If you have deferred uni you can also join our team just let us know what course you have differed from. You’ll also need a valid Working With Children Number (WWCC), an Australian Business Number (ABN) along with a reference.

How do I get paid?

You’ll be paid on the same you work every single day, simply fill in your bank details to your profile, and we’ll pay you straight after you fulfil your lesson. Cool right?

When do I start?

You can start when it suits you, and you can work as often or as little as  you want. You are your own boss-how good is that!

How often will I get work?

Depending on the level, subject, and your delivery location, you’ll get a variety of booking frequency. Our frequently booked tutors teach up to 10 tutorials a week on average. But you teach what suits you depending on your schedule.

How do I cancel a job?

We understand things can change, so cancelling a job sometimes happens. Try to give as much notice as you can but if you need to cancel a job, just tap on cancel job in the app next to your booking and it is as simple as that!

What do I do if my student doesn’t show up or is not home when I arrive?

When a student doesn’t show up or is not home ready for your tutorial. Try to get in touch and let them know you are ready to start tutoring. If you can’t get in contact, it’s usually best to wait for 15 minutes; and if they fail to show up, you can start and end your job; you will get paid in accordance with our contract.

What do I do if my student cancels?

If your student cancels within 24 hours of the tutorial booking time you will be paid automatically on cancellation. If your booking is cancelled with more than 24 hours notice you will not be paid but your booking time will become available again for someone else to potentially book you.

What do I do if a parent asks to book me without using the TutorTime App?

Please tell them you are under contract, as are they, and you cannot do this unless they want to pay fine!

Do I get holiday pay and sick pay?

You are your own boss and are basically running your own business under your ABN. We are a booking platform and not your employer, so no, you don’t get holiday pay or sick pay.

Can I follow my students on social media?

No, it is not appropriate. If they request that you do, please decline.

What is your policy on child protection?

All our tutors hold a current WWCN that is linked to TutorTime.We report all child protection issues directly to the police.

Have questions or need help?

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