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Handpicked tutors from $60 p/h

We’re very specific about who joins the TutorTime tutor platform – just 1 in 5 who apply join our team. Our tutors are experts in their subject matter and tutor from Kindy to year 12, with both IB and HSC tutors available. Our team is made up of uni students, fully qualified teachers and professors. They’re all academics and they studied (and blitzed) the same subjects that your child/teen is studying . It’s simple, they act as double agents, they can explain tricky concepts in a way your child/teen understands and they are cool older mentors.

Handpicked SAT tutors

TutorTime sources the top tutors globally and delivers tutoring programs that are designed specifically for the individual. We start with an initial diagnostic test to identify both your current level of ability and assessing whether the SAT or ACT is the best test for you. At TutorTime we aim to reduce your study stress and time while maximising your results.

University and career counselling

The university pathway program is designed for year 11 and 12 students run by leading education expert Sophie Whitehouse-Sparks. SWS specialises in forming pathways and guidance for students applying for tertiary education

Trusted by parents, students and teachers

TutorTime is Australia’s most trusted tutoring platform by parents, students and teachers. We’re rated 4.9/5 on Google from the thousands (and counting!) of tutorials we’ve delivered so far. The fact is our tutors get outstanding results. Due to this teachers recommend our tutors to their students! Our tutor’s design fun, engaging tutorials to meet the student’s needs with an emphasis on targeting learning gaps. We help children and teens nationwide achieve their learning goals.

Help from our team, every step of the way

Our expert tutor-matching team can match your child with the perfect tutor for their needs – from subject, grade and personality match. We are always here and ready to listen, answer questions and provide help. Call us on 1300 788 867 or send us an email sophiewhitehouse@tutortimetutors.com

TutorTime partners with schools

We work with schools to help students build confidence and gain academic success

Are you a principal, teacher, or school administrator?

Contact us today on 1300 788 867 to learn how we can help support your student community catch up, keep up or get ahead.

Our personalised online 1:1 or small group tutorials are taught by fully qualified NESA accredited teachers.

TutorTime is the solution for boarding and rural students

Our tutorials are flexible and targeted so learning with TutorTime can happen when you want, where you want and as often as you want.

Our tutors provide a detailed report after every tutorial providing constructive feedback which is shared with the student and also the parents.

TutorTime tutors always focus on what matters most- teaching and learning!

We no hidden contracts or subscription fees we are the solution to boarding and rural students.

Boarding schools

TutorTime can provide children at boarding school with personalised face-to-face online tutorials and homework help during prep time. TutorTime works closely with schools to ensure that boarding school students receive tailored support.

Rural, regional and remote schools

TutorTime provides personalised face-to-face online tutorials for students who need help in our rural, regional and remote communities if local support can’t be accessed.

Meet our founder- Sophie

Hi my name is Sophie. I have been an educator for the last 20+ years. Our aim at TutorTime is to foster and nurture students nationwide and beyond as they seek an education. Through our leading technology and bespoke teaching plans, we both support and accelerate your child’s learning holistically, building self-esteem and confidence. TutorTime tutors inspire and encourage students to maximise their potential through carefully planned individualized programs tailored to your child’s specific learning needs, enabling your child to reach their goals. 

TutorTime is unique in its focus, providing tutors for more than just academics. We provide tutors for school subjects, as well extra-curricular activities including tutoring in music, snow sports and surfing!

At TutorTime we believe tutoring complements the student’s educational journey. To do this we use technology to provide a marketplace platform matching students and tutors. 

We pride ourselves on matching the right tutor to each student whilst providing flexible learning options including one on one tutoring at home, in-studio/library, online or small group classes. 

We focus on the  K to 12 school curriculum however we provide tutorials for all ages in all subject areas along with services including mentoring, babysitting and pet minding.

If you have any questions please call us on 1300788867

We look forward to welcoming you to TutorTime.

Our leadership team

Sophie Whitehouse-Sparks- CEO

Sophie is a passionate educational expert, with over 20 years of experience, with a core focus on implementing educational best practice and driving innovation. Sophie co-founded The Lyceum School in London, UK, and has worked in education across the globe as both a teacher, tutor, HSC marker and judge, mentor and consultant. Sophie is passionate about student wellbeing and founded the renowned campaign ‘You Can Sit With Me’ resulting in being nominated as 2018 Australian of the year.

James Andrea- COO

With over 20 years of experience in financial services and start-ups, James has led successful businesses in banking and wealth management in Australia and South East Asia with Commonwealth Bank of Australia, eco-tourism in North America and more recently in the fintech space, as Managing Director of a finance company in the automotive industry. Strong track record in leading multi-disciplinary teams across strategy, finance, product, marketing, technology platforms, as well as operations and distribution.

David Hoffman- CTO

David is a serial entrepreneur building multi-million dollar companies. He has led the international trade powerhouse Global Regency (shipping products over US$200m p.a to over 40 countries) as CEO for over 15 years, and is considered an expert in China sourcing, supply chain, private label and brand licensing. Experienced in business data and analytics, operations, automation, digital marketing.

Greg Friend- Educational Expert

Greg has been involved in education for 25 years. Starting as a classroom teacher he quickly moved through the ranks to be Head of Department in two of Sydney’s finest Independent schools.  Greg has also worked overseas as a Deputy Principal in overseeing the opening of an International school in Vietnam. Greg has worked as an HSC Marker, been a guest speaker at NSW Educational Conferences and mentored numerous young teachers breaking into the industry.

Lisa Glick- Operations Manager

Lisa has +20yrs Finance and Administration experience. Previous roles included equity analyst at Shaw Stockbroking and start-up experience from her own successful wholesale business. Lisa has extensive experience in corporate development, business integration and developing budgets and projections

Sanya Chhabra- Administration Manager

Sanya completed a Bachelor of engineering in computer science and a MBA in business analytics. Sanya is a passionate project manager and her previous roles have also included web design and build, a support engineer and analyst. Sanya is a passionate learner and has a curious mind for improving automation.

Our mission: To help your child catch up, keep up or get ahead by delivering personalised tailored tutorials

TutorTime is an Australian based tutoring platform founded by Sophie Whitehouse-Sparks and her team of expert educators. We believe that every student can maximise their potential through tailored learning, and by helping them build their self-esteem and resilience.

That’s why we ensure that our tutors are world-class, passionate educators, including accredited teachers and verified university students, who, when perfectly matched by our educational experts, can help each individual student reach their potential.

TutorTime Partners

TutorTime partners with education and community organisations to improve student learning.

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TutorTime has been featured in The Good Schools Guide, Eastern Suburbs Mums, The Wentworth Courier, Optus and on Channel 7 The Morning Show.

Click on 7 news .com and optus to learn more about TutorTime tutors.

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