Law Admissions Test at UNSW

The Law Admission Test (LAT) is a professionally designed and marked selection test developed to assess your critical thinking and analytical skills, problem-solving and ability to organise and express ideas.

UNSW Law & Justice has always been a destination of choice for students wanting to study Law. Demand is strong, places are limited and the ATAR only tells so much about applicants. So UNSW developed the LAT to assess the skills directly relevant to studying Law at UNSW and excelling in a future legal career.

If you would like to study the Bachelor of Laws at UNSW, you’ll need to sit the LAT. Your LAT score, in addition to your academic results, such as ATAR + adjustment factors, is used in the selection process to allow UNSW to better differentiate between the many high-achieving applicants.

LAT REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN. The test is on 29th September. If you are interested head to https://www.unsw.edu.au/law-justice/study/undergraduate/law-admission-test

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