What Is The UCAT?

What is the UCAT?

The University Clinical Aptitude Test, or UCAT, is an admissions test used in the selection process by many universities in the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand for medical and dental degree programmes. The UCAT is one of three criteria used to assess students in their potential selection for these highly competitive degrees. The other two main criteria include final High School results (in NSW, this is your HSC ATAR) and interviews with the university. 

The UCAT is a two hour, computer-based test which assesses a range of mental abilities identified by universities as important to practicing in the fields of medicine and dentistry. It consists of five separately timed subtests which each contain a number of questions in a multiple-choice format. The UCAT assesses a wide range of subjects and should not be mistaken as a test of only maths and/or science skills. The areas of assessment are: verbal reasoning, decision making, quantitative reasoning, abstract reasoning and situational judgement. In total, the UCAT has 233 questions. A ‘good UCAT score’ depends on various factors, including which university you are applying to and your academic rank (ATAR/GPA). Generally, a percentile rank of over 90 (which is equivalent to a UCAT score of 2850 or over) would be sufficient to obtain an interview. 

You will need to sit the UCAT if you want to study a degree of medicine or dentistry at any of the following universities: Monash University, University of Adelaide, University of Newcastle, University of New South Wales, University of Western Sydney, University of Queensland and many more. The UCAT has replaced the previous medicine exam, the UMAT. 

The UCAT is internationally recognised as a very challenging exam. The MedEntry website provides all students with up to 17 full-length practice exams, as well as thousands of additional practice questions, and stresses that the completion of every practice material available is critical if you want to achieve a high mark. If you require assistance in UCAT preparation, book a TutorTime tutor today. 

Find out more about the UCAT here: https://www.ucat.edu.au/ 

Or here: https://www.medentry.edu.au/what-is-ucat-and-how-to-prepare-for-it 

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