What Is An Opportunity Class And How Do We Get Into One?

If your child is gifted and has excelled throughout primary school you have undoubtedly heard the term ‘Opportunity Class’ or OC mentioned at school. 

What is an Opportunity Class?

An Opportunity Class or OC is a Year 5 and 6 class that caters specifically to the academically gifted students. It puts these students in an environment that pushes them to achieve their full potential by grouping them with other students of similar abilities. It is a two-year placement program which means you cannot apply for a Year 6 only spot. 

Applying for an OC Placement

You should be applying for an OC placement around Term 2 of Year 4. You can apply online and easily follow the steps provided on the website. You may then need to supply additional documentation – you will receive an email detailing exactly what documentation they require, these may include medical records or academic merits. Make sure you submit by the due date as late applications will not be accepted. 

Placement Test

The Opportunity Class Placement Test usually takes place towards the end of the school year. For example, the test for 2021 placement took place in November 2020. Applicants would receive a test authority letter a few weeks prior to the test date. This would include information such as the location as well as what the student would need to bring on the day of the test. This test authority must also be brought on the day. 

The test itself has two parts, each comprising of 35 multiple choice questions in English, Maths, and General Ability. Students have 30 minutes to complete each part. 

What happens next? 

Shortly after the test, parents will receive a placement outcome via email and post. If you have been successful and receive an offer, you will need to respond usually within two weeks, however, in some cases, you must respond within 24 hours if you receive your offer over the phone. 

If you have been placed on a reserve list you will be contacted around later in December or January. 

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