Year K-6 Maths Resources

Are you struggling to find maths resources you can use at home? TutorTime has got you covered. 

These websites are filled with worksheets, videos, and games that relate to each mathematical strand. 

  1. Math-drills.com has worksheets for every maths topic. We especially love their fractions, decimals, and percentages worksheets
  2. Common Core also has some great worksheets sorted into topics. You can even sort these by grade so you can quickly find resources that match your grade level. You can even extend yourself by trying some harder worksheets.
  3. Math Playground is great for some maths games. We especially love the Multiplication games for a quick warm-up activity.
  4. Khan Academy is filled with videos and lessons that take you through topics in new ways. These are also sorted into grade levels. This is great for times when you are just not getting a concept such as algebra or trigonometry.
  5. Math Games has some great worksheets as well as games to help you through a range of topics and areas.
  6. Nrich Maths is filled with problem-solving questions for a range of topics. It also has curriculum-linked resources for number, geometry, statistics, and measurement, as well as resources for thinking mathematically. 

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