TutorTime Educational Consultants Are Available For Returning Expats To Australia

A move back to Australia with children can be overwhelming. 

Parents often ask the following questions

“How do I enrol my child into a school that will give them the best chance at receiving a quality education conducive to their learning ability?”

“What are my schooling options?”

“Can my child study the IB in Australia?”

Schooling in Australia is made up of the following choices- Independent, Catholic or State education.

Independent Schools – 15% of children attend Australian private or independent schools. Many of them are single sex schools although there are more moving to co-ed, have boarding facilities and are fee paying.

Catholic schools- two thirds of non-government Australian schools are Catholic schools. The school fees are usually considerably lower than in the rest of the private sector.

TutorTime has educational consultants available for returning expats.

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