Tutoring Company vs Private Arrangement: Which Should I Choose?

When selecting a tutor for your child, you may choose to go through a tutoring company, or to seek out an individual. Some parents believe that tutors from companies will cost them more, or be less flexible. There is also the misconception that tutoring companies will ‘rope’ you in to their services, preventing you and your child from leaving should you want to. 

This is largely untrue. The benefits of a tutoring company is that, like any business, they have a depth of resources solely focused on making the you, as their client, happy and satisfied with their services. If one tutor is unavailable, they can find you another superb educator to replace them. Most tutoring companies supply reviews of all their tutors, allowing you to pick the educator the best fits you and your child’s needs. Each tutor is thoroughly vetted and must pass an interview process in order to gain admittance to the company.

Further, Tutoring companies have fixed rates on their tutorials so costs cannot be arbitrarily increased. Finally, tutoring companies do not have ‘iron-clad’ contracts to lock you into their services. You can leave the company at any time. 

On the other hand, privately arranged tutoring can be unreliable. With no checks and balances, a private tutor can cancel last minute on your tutorial, leaving you without a backup. Hiring a private tutor isn’t necessarily cost effective either, completely contingent on their personal rates, which they have the power to change at any time. 

In summary, tutoring companies provide reliability, versatility and security. Companies such as TutorTime want to make your tutoring experience the best it can possibly be. Between our tutors and your administrative staff, we work diligently to provide you and your child with qualified, reliable and cost-effective tutoring. 

Need to find a tutor? You can book a tutor if your child needs some one on one support. We have face to face online tutoring, home tutoring and group tutoring classes mapped to the Australian curriculum. We specialise in HSC tutoring, NAPLAN tutoring, chemistry tutoring, maths tutoring, English tutoring, Japanese tutoring, science tutoring, history tutoring and more!

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