Need Some Questions Answered About The ATAR?

What is an ATAR?

ATAR stands for the Australian Tertiary Admission Rank and it is a numerical measure of a student’s overall academic achievement.

What is the highest ATAR you can achieve?

The highest ATAR number you can achieve is 99.95. When you receive your ATAR, it is a number between 30.00 and 99.95. ATARS below 30.00 receive asterisks rather than numerical specifications.

Why will I need an ATAR?

You will need an ATAR to receive an undergraduate university offer.

Why was the ATAR introduced?

The current ATAR system was introduced in 2009 to unify the university entrance system in Australia and it is calculated by the University Admissions Centre (UAC).

What is an ATAR calculator?

An ATAR calculator helps you predict your ATAR. Most online HSC ATAR calculators use some historical ATAR scaling data to predict an ATAR estimate. It is important to note that ATAR calculators should be used as a rough guide only. We tested several ATAR calculators using the same subjects and each one gave us a different estimate as they use different scaling data. This means they are not always reliable, so please be aware of this!

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