HSC – How to Prepare for the Trials

The trial exams are, quite definitionally, the ‘trials’ for the HSC. However, that doesn’t mean that they will not count towards your mark. While not as important as the HSC exams, trials still make up a significant amount of a student’s internal marks and can affect their ultimate ATAR results. This means that it is important to be as prepared as possible leading up to these exams. For the majority of schools, trials are held in the first few weeks of term 3, so the June/July holidays are a crucial time for exam preparation.

Use your holidays productively

Top-performing students are likely to make and follow a realistic study timetable during the holidays. Balance is crucial. It is unrealistic and unhealthy to study for 8 hours every day, just as it is unwise and stress-inducing to leave study until the last week of holidays. You may want to study for 2 hours every morning, plan an activity with a friend or family member, study for 2 hours in the afternoon, and have your evenings free. A flexible study timetable like this will ensure you remain on track, whilst also allowing time to socialise and/or pursue personal hobbies.

TutorTime recommends that students spend the first week or two writing and familiarising themselves with their notes, and spend the remainder of their holiday writing practice papers under exam conditions. Practice papers allow students to become comfortable with writing under timed conditions, and illustrate the format of the trial paper so they know what to expect. Practice papers may also highlight areas that need to be further revised.

Holiday workshops

Often students find themselves distracted at home, or will begin a timed practice paper and become demotivated halfway through. In order to avoid this and stay on task, we recommend that students attend as many holiday workshops as they can. The Scots College offers realistic English practice papers sat under exam conditions in the lead up to the HSC. Further, TutorTime hosts a range of practice papers in our offices during the June/July holiday. Visit our workshops page to find out more or secure a spot.

TutorTime tutors are available to be booked throughout the holidays and can help you prepare for any of your trial exams. You can book a tutor if you need some one on one support.

Please remember that while preparation for your trial exams is important, your mental and physical health is more important. If you find yourself overwhelmed by study, please reach out to a parent, teacher, friend or tutor, or call the Australia Kids Helpline: 1800 55 1800. 

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