How To Take The Fear Out Of NAPLAN

As the NAPLAN exams draw closer we understand that pre examination stress or anxiety can build in anticipation. Today we are going to share with you our top five tips to take the fear out of NAPLAN this examination season. 

1. Practice papers

The best way to prepare for an exam is to do practice papers. They will help you understand the style of questions you will be asked, the content that will be covered and the best way to answer the questions in order to maximise your marks. Practice papers can be found online or at one of TutorTime’s NAPLAN workshops. The more preparation you have done going into the exams, the more relaxed you will feel.

NAPLAN website: https://www.nap.edu.au/naplan/the-tests

2. Structure of exam

It is important that you familiarise yourself with the structure and layout of the NAPLAN exam papers. If you know exactly what they will look like in the exam, you will alleviate any risk of missing questions due to stress or time pressure. It is also important to practice answering multiple choice questions to ensure you colour the correct bubble.  

3. Timing

Following on from our previous point it is essential that you know how much time you have for each section of the NAPLAN exams. It may even help to try do some practice papers within the time parameters given to ensure you know how you will divide your time efficiently and effectively. 

4. Materials

Another way to reduce your fear of the NAPLAN exams is to ensure you have all the correct materials for each examination. Pack your pencil case the night before the exams to ensure you don’t forget anything the morning of. 

5. Sleep

Our last tip is simple but most important! Make sure you are well rested for each exam. Get a good nights rest and you will feel focused for every exam.

If you would like more help preparing for NAPLAN you can book a one on one tutorial with one of our qualified Tutors or book a NAPLAN workshop. In our workshops and private tutorials we not only strive to ensure that your child understands the demands of the NAPLAN examinations but also feels confident in their abilities. As with any examination environment, the more prepared your child is, the more relaxed they will feel and the better they will perform. 

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