How To Stay Motivated When Studying Online

Studying online is here to stay and not just during COVID lockdowns. Universities, Tafe and many other institutions are moving more and more online. 

With this increased use of technology it means that we spend more time spent in front of our screens sitting, typing and generally being idle. This can lead to use feeling lethargic, lacking motivation and at times unproductive.

To avoid feeling this way we suggest you follow these simple tips to keep you motivated and on track with your studies.

1.Get up and get moving.

It is recommended that every class or 60 mins you take a 5-10 min break. Do some stretches or run around the block, don’t scroll through instagram or watch tic-tok!

2.Lunchtime class

Instead of snap chatting a friend at lunchtime, do a yoga class or try a new hobby like painting or a craft activity.

3.Keep your devices in another room

Don’t surround yourself with devices, put them in another room so you are not tempted. Maybe you can encourage your whole family to do this.

4. Create a study space

Create a study space and not your bed. It is important to associate your bed as a place to sleep not a place to study. People who study in bed often don’t take breaks and end up falling asleep due to this. This results in you feeling more lethargic and even less motivated so make it a rule, no study in bed!

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