How To Stay Motivated During Exam Blocks

Many students struggle to stay motivated between exams. The incentive to slump between papers, often misinterpreted as ‘burn out’, can disrupt many study schedules and damage ambitions. However, there are steps you can take to prevent this.

  • After a big exam, take a break. Give yourself a few hours, or even an evening to relax. Choose something relaxing that you enjoy, such as reading a book or connecting with family and friends, and have a full night’s sleep.
  • When you return to study, start with something you enjoy. For example, that may be a practice paper. Leave the more demanding tasks to later in your study session so you can slowly ease back into the revision mindset.
  • Book a study session. This could be a commitment at the library with a friend, or booking time with a family member so they can test your content with you. By making a commitment with someone else, you will be incentivised to attend and have the necessary study materials ready.
  • If you are struggling, then book a TutorTime tutor. We are always here to help you get back on track, answer any questions you may have and keep you motivated!

We know exam blocks can be draining, but if you have follow a realistic study timetable, and get the support you need, you will find them manageable.

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