How To Improve Your Marks Between Trials And HSC

The period between trials and HSC is a crucial one. Many students may feel disheartened by their trial results, but don’t worry, it’s not too late to turn your marks around! Students can use this opportunity to focus on what they need to improve on so that by the time it’s HSC, they have polished their skills and weak points. Remember, many schools mark trials harshly, whereas NESA HSC markers are generally more lenient. 

The first step to improving your marks is to use your trial feedback to your advantage. Go through each exam paper and highlight your weakest areas. You may want to make lists or take note of where you did poorly. Then, ask your teachers how you can specifically improve in this area. Book a 1on1 tutorial with a tutor to help understand and implement this feedback. 

Once you have pinpointed where you need to improve, begin practice. The most effective and realistic study practice for the HSC is to complete tasks under timed conditions without looking at your notes. You should send every completed task to your tutor and/or teacher for extra feedback. 

TutorTime recommends that students should practice writing thesis statements when studying English, history and social sciences. For maths, we recommend students spend 40-minutes under exam conditions practicing their weakest areas. The more practice you are able to do, the more prepared you will be for the HSC!

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