How To Create A Fantastic Home Learning Environment

Lockdown transforms our homes into offices and classrooms. With this in mind, it is imperative to create the best possible environment to ensure you and your children have productive learning and working spaces. Below are TutorTime’s top tips for creating a fantastic home learning environment:

1.     Dedicated Learning Spaces

While some families may have home offices or dedicated homework rooms, not everyone has the luxury of these spaces. However, we can all transform living areas into learning spaces. For example, the kitchen table can become a learning space, or a coffee table in the living room. If your child is working in the same space every day, they will associate that area as a productive space. Routines and consistency are key!

2.     Keep Spaces Clean and Comfortable

A tidy and organised environment can increase study productivity and motivation. Dedicated learning and working spaces should aim to have a comfortable chair  to ensure good posture and a clean and organised desk or table. Further, good lighting is imperative. Study spaces should have enough natural light coming through during the day, and artificial light during the night. Bad lighting will result in eye strains, and this will decrease ability to study effectively.

3.     Remove Distractions

Children are easily distracted, especially when surrounded by their own belongings at home. To help your child focus on their learning, you may want to remove any distractions, especially electronics such as phones, iPads or gaming consoles. You may want to keep anything that could hinder your child’s study in another room. Further, ensure that your child is not studying in their bedroom. This environment is especially distracting and associated with relaxing and/or sleep.

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