How Do Children Learn?

Each child will adopt a unique learning style, likely to change and evolve as they do. It is important to understand the way your child learns so you can assist them in their education and natural curiosity about the world. While the school system fosters learning primarily through reading, children can learn through seeing, hearing, touching, tasting, smelling, pretending, playing, practising and creating. It is important that children are not limited to learning merely by reading and reciting information and that they are given an outlet to express creativity as they are exposed to new knowledge. 

The way in which your child learns will change overtime. A toddler learns about their surroundings in a more physical manner, instilled with the instinct to touch, hold and/or taste the objects around them. Conversely, an older child will instead be able to observe through sight, or practice writing information in order to remember it. As convenient as it would be were children to adhere to a learning routine, parents cannot predict or measure a child’s learning. While school-issued tests may assess an ability to memorise, it is important to understand that learning takes place both inside and outside the classroom. 

Learning through play is a critical aspect of a child’s cognisant development. The act of playing pulls together the logical and creative sides of a child’s brain. The more a child is encouraged to utilise their imagination during play time, the more their brain is intellectually stimulated. Child psychologists have found that play enriches learning skills a significant amount, specifically in the development of a child’s curiosity, expression, emotional intelligence and teamwork. 

However your child learns is indicative of their unique and wonderful self, and should actively be fostered and celebrated. Incorporating play in homework is a fantastic way to encourage your child’s learning and retention. 

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