Home Schooling- Where Do I Start?

Children need routines, just like adults. The school day is a structured routine so it’s important that you set up a structured school routine at home. It is easy, follow these simple steps.

1. Make a study space in your house. If you don’t have a separate room, simply transform your kitchen table or bench.

2. Set a school timetable with each of your children. Your timetable should include time for learning, study, breaks, sport and creative subjects. The timetable will set a structure and break the day up into manageable chunks.

3. Set a morning routine similar to your normal school routine. Everyone gets up, puts on clothes for the day (no pyjamas please!) has breakfast and school time starts at the time that you have set.

4. Remember when school time has started there should be no phones or any other distractions.

5. Enjoy the day; remember if every lesson has not been covered, you have not failed. At school it is often the case that some lessons don’t go ahead at the set time, be flexible. If your child is enjoying studying something let them continue-you can always catch up on a missed lesson!

TutorTime can help 

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