Fun Maths Games for Children

Many children are not very enthusiastic about maths. If this is the case with your child, incorporating simple mathematics into fun games can be a fantastic way to expand their learning through an entertaining and collaborate platform. This way, you can help transform your child’s opinion of maths from a subject they may regard as ‘scary’ or ‘too difficult’, into a hobby associated with their favourite game!

TutorTime’s favourite maths games include:

  1. Simon Says

It’s easy to transform the traditional Simon Says game into a maths-based one. For example, you can incorporate geometry into Simon Says, and instruct players to hold up their arms to display an ‘acute angle’ or a ‘revolution’. 

  1. Multiplication Bingo 

To transform traditional Bingo into a maths-focused game, ask players to write down 5 numbers from the same times tables. For example, a player may choose the 7 times table and write down 14, 28, 35, 49 and 70. Write down several multiplication equations on cards, and have players randomly select a card and read it out. For example, a card could read ‘What is 6 x 7?’.If the player has an answer to the question on their bingo board, they can cross it out. First person to cross out all their numbers is the winner.

  1. Potions Master 

For more adventurous parents, you can help your child learn about measurement by playing potions master. Collect an assortments of liquids (for example, juice, custard or even coloured water) and ask players to follow the instructions of your ‘potion’. This could include converting millilitres to litres, or weighing grams. This game can also be played as ‘baking master’, allowing you to incorporate basic maths into a baking activity. Note: these are particularly popular games amongst Harry Potter fans!

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