Challenges Of COVID-19 Home Schooling

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic our schools have had to be closed. It has been challenging time not only for children but for parents. With schools closing parents have become school teachers overnight- a role many have never wished to be.

Whilst we are constantly teaching our children new skills, actually teaching them the school curriculum can be daunting and challenging-lets face it, we haven’t been to school for many decades!

There are many more challenges faced by home schooling such as access to technology and internet access. These issues are especially challenging in remote and disadvantaged areas resulting in inequality in the receiving of and obtaining an education.

For those students that can access online classes, they have found that the lessons are lacking in engagement and are more centred around instructional content. This style of teaching leaves children feeling disengaged.

Teachers are doing their best and are doing a great job considering they have had to make immediate changes to their teaching styles, many never having taught online before! However trying to create an engaging lesson over the internet is not only incredibly different and without the right tools, training and experience, it is incredibly challenging.

TutorTime is here to help.

Our teachers have experience delivering dynamic, engaging lessons over the internet resulting in engaged, motivated students. Our online classes are available to all students and you can book as little or as many as you wish.

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