How We Quality Control Hundreds Of Tutorials Every Week

Every week we run hundreds of face-to-face, online and small group tutoring sessions for our students, and we like to keep track of what our students are up to.  With 650+ tutors and all our tutorials uniquely designed and content mapped for every student across every state of Australia, it is important to us that we always deliver the highest quality tutorials.

So how do we do this?

Step 1: We provide a personal service where we use our supplied data to match our students perfectly with our world class tutors. We compile the relevant information about each student to match them with the ideal tutor. This includes learning about their academic history, learning style, strengths and weaknesses. We then review our corresponding tutor information to create a perfect match.

Step 2: At TutorTime whilst using data is important, our students and tutors are not just numbers. What distinguishes our tutoring services from others is the personal attention the TutorTime team gives to each and every student, mapping tutorials to individual students’ needs and the curriculum. 

Step 3: TutorTime records online tutorials for quality control and improvement purposes. Once the session has been recorded, our education team watches and reviews tutorials. This allows us the track and monitor the progress of both the student and tutor. The learning content can subsequently be analysed and, if need be, adapted to better suit the student’s academic needs. 

Step 4: TutorTime offers complimentary training to all tutors. CEO and founder Sophie Sparks provides training sessions, teaching tutors how to keep their students engaged and relay information in an accessible and engaging manner. 

Whilst we have hundreds of tutorials each week, we are meticulous in assessing the quality of the student-tutor match, as well as the content taught in each tutorial. 

Contact the TutorTime team today to find out more about our hand-picked student-tutor matches by calling at us 1300 788 867.

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