Year 12 Resources

Sophie and her team are here to help you on your year 12 journey. Please see below links to very useful and important HSC resources.

HSC common module essay questions: https://tutortimetutors.com/blog/hsc-common-module-essay-questions/

How to write the best module c reflection: https://tutortimetutors.com/blog/how-to-write-the-best-module-c-reflection/

English tips for year 12 paper 1- texts and human experiences: https://tutortimetutors.com/blog/english-tips-for-year-12-paper-1-texts-and-human-experiences/

Year 12 HSC Module C : the craft of writing practice questions: https://tutortimetutors.com/blog/hsc-module-c-practice-questions/

Year 12 HSC Module B : critical study of literature practice questions: https://tutortimetutors.com/blog/hsc-module-b-questions/

Year 12 HSC Module A : textual conversations practice questions: https://tutortimetutors.com/blog/hsc-module-a-questions/

Year 12 HSC Common Module: texts and human experiences practice questions: https://tutortimetutors.com/blog/free-paper-1-hsc-common-module-text-and-human-experiences-essay-questions/

Year 12 Chemistry paper: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1yQMeS1KhUMtr9-Y822X7R0VlHQN_B3CG/view?usp=sharing

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