Applying To A Selective High School

So you have decided to apply for entrance to a selective high school. You have chosen your top three schools and are now ready to begin the process. TutorTime has got you covered. Read on for our guide through the application process and the Selective High School Placement Test.

Applying to Selective High Schools:

  1. Fill out the application form online
  2. Input your top three school choices. 
  3. Submit and check that you have received email confirmation.

Timeline for the 2022 Intake: 

  • Applications opened in October 2020
  • Applications closed in November 2020
  • Selective High School Placement Test will take place in March 2021
  • Last chance to change school choices is at the end of April 2021
  • Selection Committees will meet from May-June 2021
  • Outcomes will be released in July 2021 – Parents have five working days to appeal the outcome and two weeks to accept or decline offers.
  • The reserve list is opened up in August 2021 and stays open till Term 1 of 2022
  • Schools send out welcome letters in January 2022

There are four possible outcomes you can receive: 

  1. Offer – You have successfully gained entry to this school. 
  2. Offer with higher choice reserve – This means that you have received an offer from your second of third choice school but have also been put on the reserve list for a school that you put as a higher priority. 
  3. Reserve – This means that you are on a school’s reserve list and will be contacted if a spot opens up before Term 1. 
  4. Unsucessful – You have not gained entry to this school.

Common Questions regarding the outcomes: 

  1. If I accept an offer to my second choice while I am on reserve for my first choice, am I forfeiting my reserve spot for my first choice?

    Answer: No! You can stay on the reserve list and still accept an offer to your second or third choice. Reserve offers usually come out in August so you can wait till August and see if you get in to your first choice.
  2. If I am only on reserve lists, how likely is it that I will get into these schools?

    Answer: This changes year to year but also depends on the number you are on the reserve list. For example if your response says Reserve list: 10, you are far more likely to get into that school than if it says Reserve list: 56. Having said this though, in 2018 Gosford High School’s last reserve offer was to number 87. 

The Test:

The Selective High School Placement Test is a standardised test that is designed to challenge even the most gifted students to ensure that they would be able to cope with the workload at a selective high school. It is changing in 2021 to incorporate more thinking skills, mathematical reasoning and problem solving. In 2021 it will remain a paperbased test, but in 2022 it will become computer based. 

You must bring a copy of your test authority letter with you on the test day as well as any medications such as allergy action plans and etc. You should also bring water and a snack for in between the tests. 

Do not bring devices, books, notebooks and rulers etc. 

It consists of: 

  • A writing test
  • A reading skills test (multiple choice)
  • A mathematical reasoning test (multiple choice)
  • A Thinking skills test (multiple choice)

Preparing for the test: 

  • Do some practice tests under test conditions. Practice tests become available through the Department of Education website and there are many resources available to help you identify your areas of opportunity. 
  • Read a wide variety of texts and practice problem solving and mathematical reasoning. 
  • Contact TutorTime for targeted tutoring and help with specific areas. 

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